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UPI Sonic Wash™ Total System in action.

Sparkling clean at the speed of sound

In the food service and food process industries stringent cleaning, washing and sanitizing is demanded.

The UPI Sonic Wash™ Total System is the new innovation for food service, food process and other industries.
Its unique ultrasonic technology uses sound waves to generate high-pressure and high-temperature micro cavitation that bombards the dirt and grease off table, kitchenware, process industry parts or any other hard or semi-rigid surface.

The UPI Sonic Wash™ Total System saves you time, money, electricity and water

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Total System schematic
UPI Sonic Wash™ Total System schematic.
• Cleans effectively at low temperature in a predetermined cycle appropriate to the soiled items

• Uses non-caustic UPI Sonic Chem™ chemicals

• Needs less chemicals

• Easy electrical and plumbing installation

• Simple to operate without specialist training

• Frees the operator for other jobs during the cleaning cycle

Guarantees double-digit savings over existing “state of the art” machines and chemical options


Unparalleled cleaning power

The UPI Sonic Wash™ Total System delivers cleaning methods that meet all kinds of tough challenges on hard or semi-rigid surfaces, including irregular shapes. So it can clean inaccessible or hidden parts such as between fork tines, the hidden rim of stainless steel food containers and clogged grease filters. It allows re-use of carbonized cooking trays that are sometimes discarded.

Learn about the UPI Sonic Wash™ Silverware ChallengeLearn about the UPI Sonic Wash™ Silverware Challenge.It is a static system allowing the soiled items to remain stationary throughout the cleaning cycle. As a result, you can mix aluminum, steel, china, earthenware and glass safely in a unique cycle that saves time and effort.

• Cuts through dirt and grease, including lip stick on glasses

• Kills E. coli, Salmonella, Listeria, Hepatitis, etc.*

• Gives you more confidence that the surfaces are really clean before sanitizing

• Removes clouding on glassware leaving it sparkling

* Find out more about the research that proves this level of cleaning is possible

Less chance of breakdown or failure

Benefit from our unrivaled  Service & WarrantyUPI Sonic Wash™ Total System is easy to maintain and has the longest warranty.The UPI Sonic Wash™ Total System has virtually no moving parts to break or fail.

It utilizes two ultrasonic generators. In the unlikely event of a generator failure, the system will continue to function but at an increased cleaning process time.

If the operator doesn’t carry a replacement generator as a spare part, Universal Products International LLC can ship a replacement generator overnight for a simple plug-in installation. The UPI Sonic Wash™ Total System will then be restored to full operational capacity.

Fits into every food service and food process location

The UPI Sonic Wash™ Total System is scalable, and can be adapted to suit your location and available space. The control panel can be mounted remotely on any convenient wall.

Environmental, Health & Safety Benefits

• Meets the most stringent washing, cleaning and sanitizing standards for process machines, process parts and other food contact items in the production process

• Avoids releasing caustic chemicals into the waste stream

• Lower temperatures and more efficient cycles use less water and less energy


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