UPI Sonic Wash™ Total System generates double-digit cost savings.

No capital investment required

You can lease the UPI Sonic Wash™ Total System on a four-year renewable contract with total satisfaction guaranteed.

Guaranteed double-digit savings

This system guarantees double-digit savings compared to the total costs of conventional agitation washers or manual cleaning.

It cuts the costs for:

• Labor

• Chemicals and detergents

• Energy

• Water

• Effluent

How much can it save you?

Why not carry out your own independent cost analysis?  Simply consider all direct costs and operational costs to create an insight into how much you could be saving with the UPI Sonic Wash™ Total System.

Let us help you with the calculations

We can provide you with the information you need to calculate the savings you can make as compared to your existing washing method.  Contact us to find out more.

Let us run a no-cost test for you!

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Use your existing sinks!

With our simple retro-fit capability