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The benefits and advantages of the UPI Sonic Wash™ Total System
compared to power-assisted pot wash sinks.

UPI Sonic Wash™ Total System

Power-assisted pot washer

Tick01Uses existing sinks: simple retro-fit capability.

CrossNew sink needed: retro-fit not an option, capability not available.

Tick02No kitchen modification needed: for either UPI Sonic Wash™ system with sink, or retro-fit UPI Sonic Wash™ system.

CrossExpensive kitchen re-work: requires extensive electrical and plumbing changes.

Tick03Saves labor: unattended washing, no manual scrubbing, requires load and unload only.

TickSaves labor: unattended washing, some manual scrubbing, requires load and unload only.

Tick04Saves energy: washes at lower temperatures.

CrossConsumes more energy: higher wash temperatures and heaters required.

Tick05Saves chemicals: needs small quantities of non-caustic surfactants.

CrossRequires harsh detergents: needs large amounts of expensive aggressive chemicals.

Tick06Less environmental impact: less chemicals discharged to the waste stream.

CrossHigh environmental impact: needs more changes of water and discharges harmful chemicals.

Tick07Saves water: less sinks fills.

CrossUses more water: excessive sink fills required.

Tick08Reduces effluent: less sink draining, better quality & less quantity of effluent via grease trap.

CrossMore sink draining needed: with negative impact and effect via grease trap.

Tick09Superior sanitation*: ultrasonic cavitation and surfactants kill pathogenic organisms.

CrossDoesn’t meet sanitation standards: not achievable or attainable.

Tick10Superior results: less hard water spotting and tendency of ware to flash dry.

CrossNot able to compete: not achievable without chemical treatment and energy use.

Tick11Superior cleaning: cleans all hidden surfaces.

CrossLimited to flat surfaces: inaccessible areas can’t be cleaned.

Tick12Quieter in operation: passive cleaning, no moving parts.

CrossHigher noise levels: jetted sink relies on turbulence, increased noise with decibel spikes.

Tick13Always working: reserve capability, ensures 50% washing capacity always available.

CrossMechanical failure: failure of pump results in total loss of washing capacity.

Tick14Simple maintenance: self-diagnostic supported by web and phone. Site visit rarely necessary, limited loss of production time.

CrossOn site service required: service agent must call for maintenance with potential loss of production time.

Tick15Health & Safety: passive cleaning with no moving parts.

CrossHigh agitation required: jetting action and dynamic motion.

Tick16Health & Safety: no dangerous chemicals or hot water required.

CrossReduced operator safety: harmful caustics chemicals and hot water required.

Tick17Cares for the environment: non-caustic surfactants in discharge with less volume to the waste stream.

CrossHigh water & detergent consumption: greater volume of harmful chemicals discharged to the waste stream.

Tick18Cleans all kitchen & dining ware: including china, pottery, wood, aluminum, stainless steel etc.

CrossMetal ware only: cannot wash fragile items.

Tick19May qualify for Public Utility Company rebates: PUCs offer rebates for both energy and water savings.

CrossDoes not qualify for Public Utility Company rebates: not available for these pot washers.

Tick20Cleans every shape and size of ware: cleaning capability unaffected by geometry, shape or size.

CrossDesign not flexible: cleaning limited to areas impinged by jetting action.

Tick21Increased cleaning productivity: increased throughput speed.

CrossLonger cleaning time: pressure jetted slower and less effective.

Tick22Used for intended purpose only: cannot be used for improper purposes such as employee bathing.

CrossPossible improper use of machine: by operators creating public health, safety and liability issues.

Tick23Longest industry warranty: no moving parts thus reduced failure, four-year warranty.

CrossStandard industry warranty: multiple moving parts, increased failure potential. Three-year warranty.

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