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Take advantage of our no-cost testing service

To determine what cleaning you need, why not send us a sample?

We’ll test it without charge, and you are welcome to attend the test in person and establish the test protocols. If you cannot attend, photographic evidence and a detailed written report will be provided at no cost to you. The report will certify the testing protocol used and the results we obtained.

The results will become the confidential property of your company and Ultrasonics Products International LLC.

Send us you soiled ware or parts for cleaning

• Ship items to us for test and evaluation

• You will only be responsible for pre-paying the freight costs both ways

• There will be no other costs to you

Wait until you see what we can do for you!

Send items to your nearest testing facility:

USA flagUltrasonic Products International LLP
AMC Building
2450 West Third Court
United States of America

UK flagUltrasonic Products International LLP
Guyson Building
Snaygill Industrial Estate
BD23 2QR
United Kingdom

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Use your existing sinks!

With our simple retro-fit capability