A 21st Century innovation in cleaning for the food service and food processing industry…

… that saves labor, money, chemicals, energy and water

Introducing a total ultrasonic system developed by Ultrasonics Products International LLC that not only produces superior cleaning results but provides double-digit savings.

Savings are a combination of labor, energy, chemical, and water.

Additionally the quantity of effluent to the waste stream is reduced.

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“When industry sees that environment and economics are mutually supportive rather than mutually exclusive, both we and the environment win.”

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Find out more about the game-changing
UPI Sonic Wash™ Total System

Find out more about the non-caustic
Sonic Chem™ chemistry

Find out more about the non-caustic
UPI Sonic Chem™ Chemistry

In 1889,

Mr. Haskins had a wonderful idea.
He invented and built an Institutional Kitchen Ware Washing Machine.

In 1894 Mr. Blakeslee improved on the Haskins Machine, first with the Niagara, and later with the Columbia. The concept of washing kitchen ware by machine had been perfected, and became a commercial reality.

This 19th century method of cleaning relied upon large quantities of expensive hot water, caustic chemicals, and mechanical agitation.

These elements, in combination, result in a negative  environmental impact.

Little has changed in over a century…

Until Now…

Read About The
Evolution of the Dishwasher
Hotel World 1894/95

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